Your Kisses Are Wasted on MeIf you haven’t heard of The Pipettes yet, I have a strong feeling that you’re going to very soon. After a few years of garnering success (and a rather large following) in the UK, The Pipettes just released their first official US EP on June 5th through a deal with Cherrytree and Interscope Records. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me is a buoyant four-song precursor to their upcoming US album simply titled We Are The Pipettes, due to hit our shores on August 28th, which was released last year overseas to great critical acclaim, and even greater public support, which is just what The Pipettes want.

“We’re not fussy indie snobs. Our main objective is mass appeal. We just don’t fit in with the current pop mainstream, but that’s because somewhere along the line, a misconception has occurred that makes people think pop can’t be made by people like us, that manufactured pop is the only kind of pop there is. That’s wrong. We need to fix that,” says Rose, one of the three Pipette singers.

And that seems to be exactly what they’re doing. Somehow, The Pipettes, that’s Rosay, Gwenno, and RiotBecki to you, with their backup band The Cassettes, has managed to rejuvenate peppy 60’s pop music, while at the same time injecting it with a strong sense of modernism, as well as a hip indie rock side that somehow comes through amidst the bubblegum pop and polka-dotted dresses. They’ve been called a hipper Spice Girls, and while the comparison is clever I’d say they’re more of a grown up Atomic Kitten or even a female Weezer, with short, sweet songs set to uptempo beats.

With no song on the EP reaching the three minute mark, The Pipettes make it clear that they’re here to throw out some catchy tunes and harmonies and then move on.  As true members of the ADHD generation, the Pipettes aren’t asking their audience to have a longer attention span than they have. Taking the stage like a new line of Polka-Dot Barbie Dolls, these girls seem to have a knowing, winking attitude towards the audience, letting everyone know that they’re in on the joke, although joke may be too strong of a word. The Pipettes are definitely a serious, dedicated band, striving to make quality music, but they’re just here to make you dance, not to make you think.

For now, that’s enough for me.

EP Tracks:

1. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
2. I Love You
3. Really That Bad
4. Guess Who Ran Off With The Milkman?

To purchase the EP, visit Amazon
For more information about The Pipettes, visit their Home Page
To check out one of their earlier videos: Pull Shapes

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