The Love GuruLike Mike Myers’ films themselves (at least the Wayne’s World duo and the Austin Powers trilogy), the film’s soundtracks are known to be eclectic to the point of randomness, including pop references, hit songs, and a few throwbacks. The soundtrack for The Love Guru is no exception, though it feels a little light on the current hits (despite B.A.S.K.O.’s contribution) compared to others. The good news is that there are more than enough covers performed by Myers in character as the title character Guru Pitka.

These Myers-laced tracks easily offer the most entertainment, almost to the point of overshadowing the rest of the poppy, upbeat album. Luckily there’s enough pomp and pizazz here for the other artists to hold their own with Myers, but hearing him croon the lines “Vorking nine to five, vot a vay to make a living,” in his jovial feux-Indian accent is exactly the kind of surprisingly funny track you’d expect from an album like this. As fun and funny as “Nine to Five” is though, it’s Myers’ acoustic duo with Manu Narayan that steals the show. As the two sing the first minute and a half from the song “More Than Words” images of Dr. Evil singing Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” kept popping up in my head. It’s the kind of perfect cover that is both memorable and hilarious at the same time. Additionally, several tracks of dialogue from the film are laced throughout, though they almost feel out of place here, providing occasional laughs but at the cost of breaking up the flow of the music. But enough about Myers, right?

The rest of the album is about as mixed as music can get and still be on the same album. There’s the uncomfortably long gospel song “Lead Me To Your Rock” that drags the album down a bit midway through with its repetitiveness, but B.A.S.K.O. pops up immediately after with the laid back, cool-without-trying “Big Boi” to right the ship and keep things grooving along. Celine Dion and Robbie Nevil’s tracks feel entirely out of place here, though it’s highly likely that the songs work well in context with the film. Out of context on the album, these two tracks just sound cheesy and almost annoying when surrounded by the cool rhythms of “Brimful of Asha” by Cornershop and “Mere Mitwa Mere Meet Re” by the imminent Lata Mangeshkar.

But in the end we’re back to Myers: it’s the final track, the “Guru Pitka Chant” that brings the album full circle. With the repetition of its two word chant, we’re reminded that this is indeed a light-hearted Mike Myers soundtrack, and as such it is filled with the figurative winking, posing, and posturing that Myers himself is known for. This soundtrack may be a bit unbalanced as far as genres and hits go, but in the end it’s still a good time.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Those still listening to their Austin Powers soundtracks
Stay Away if: You’re looking for some kind of continuity in your soundtracks
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