What a delightful excursion off the beaten path this CD is. Prog, well yes it most certainly is, but it is prog with a twist. Prog takes on many flavors, sometimes it swerves directly into the pathway of Electric Folk, and that very much sums up Edensong. They are somewhat of a cross between Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull, and maybe a slightly more gentle sound like the 70’s English band Planxty, who I am sure that no one on these shores has ever heard of! I’ll bet I have one of the only copies of their album in North America.

So who are Edensong? The main power behing them seems to be James Byron Schoen who handles most of the writing and provides vocals, and Electric and acoustic guitar. Joining him are Matt Cozin on drums and various other things that can be banged rhythmically. Michael Drucker plays a very sweet violin, while Eve Harrison and Rachel Kiel alternate on flute duty. Arthur Sugden rounds out the regulars offering his assistance on the ivories, piano and organ. There is also a long list of other musicians that assisted with various tracks on the CD.

I have to admit that I do not know a great deal about this band or their background, but if this CD is representative of their potential they certainly have a very bright future ahead of them. You can sample some of their music online, what band doesn’t have a MySpace page these days?

You can order your copy of The Fruit Fallen from the bands web site.

Simon Barrett


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