Audio & MurderFour young rockers (two 18, two 19) are dropping their debut album today. But this isn’t any pansy Hanson teeny-bop or gentle Eisley-esque pop-rock. Emerging from the suburbs of Chicago, the guys from The Frantic are doing their best to embody the racy, high-energy punk/power pop scene. After playing for four years together in high school, they were playing a gig when producer Mudrock (Godsmack, Alice Cooper, Avenged Sevenfold) saw them in concert and almost immediately flew them out to L.A. for a month to record an album. The result is the high-spirited Audio & Murder.

Kicking the album off by declaring “We’re the Frantic! Who the f$& are you?” in the intro, it’s clear these teens aren’t messing around. With fast-paced drums, guitars and lyrics, and no song reaching three minutes, these guys are here to rock the speakers. As they say in “Always Gonna Roll,” an especially rock-n-roll influenced track, “No matter how hard they try to take the rock away we’re always gonna roll!”

But it’s not all exclamation points. Showing their softer, slower side in the pensive “Movin’ Along,” the band takes a break from the intense, often in-your-face attitude showcased in songs like “Fast Girl” and – possibly one of the funniest mean songs released since The Bloodhound Gang went out of style - “Heifer.” Overall, it’s clear these guys know their way around a rock album; the songs are catchy, without losing their punk sting, and the angst comes through without being overdone. Thirty minutes isn’t long for a full-length album, but Weezer’s gotten away with it time and time again, so why shouldn’t The Frantic?

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: 30 minutes of quality poppy punk, with emphasis on the punk
Stay Away if: Punk music played by punk kids just sounds redundant to you

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For more information on The Frantic, including tour dates, visit their homepage

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