afterlife album cover

I have lost count of how long I have been following Toke (that’s what the inner circle call him). Toke is the bloke that plays Americana. I am more of a prog rock guy, but there is something about Tokyo Rosenthal that pulls me into his music. Maybe it is the stories that the songs tell, or maybe it is the stories that Toke himself tells. All I know for sure is that a conversation with the guy always leaves me with a smile on my face.

I have never met him, but he keeps threatening to perform an impromptu concert in my backyard if he is in my neck of the woods. One day it will happen, and I know just the right video guy for the project! I would give it a better than evens bet that we all end up talking to the boys in blue!

Afterlife is a great album, I believe it goes on sale on Aug/1 and will be available at all the usual places. I can give you a sneak peek. Toke doesn’t do many videos, but when he does, they count.

The Cold War is a great example.

Afterlife is a great album. I know it will shoot to #1 in the Americana charts, but I want to see it in the mainstream charts. Toke deserves it. For some fun, check out this video from an earlier album.

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