This venerable band has been around since 1984, and according to at least one web site has sold over 20 million albums in their career. Their style is hard to pinpoint there are elements of the blues, elements of hard rock, and elements of half a dozen other genres.

They have often held the role of supporting act, playing with such luminaries as The Greatful Dead, and The Stones, they are without doubt a tour-de-force.  Chris Robinson has been the glue behind this band for the past 18 years, and his distinctive style makes for a very listenable experience.

Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution is the title track of their new album Warpaint, their first album since 2001 and due for a March 4th release and their 7th studio production. If Goodbye Daughters is anything to go by, this is going to be a must have album. The Black Crowes are justifiably proud of Warpaint and their website is almost entirely dedicated to the album. You can sample Daughters Of The Revolution on it (but be warned, the site is about as user friendly as a root canal to navigate around, the designer should be shot).

Keep your eye out for Warpaint, it is guaranteed to make it big on the Billboard charts. You can also pre-order Warpaint online.

Simon Barrett

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