Yes folks, the band Chicago has been around for 40 years. This double CD will be a must have for every Chicago fan.

And while not everyone may be a fan, everyone has a favorite Chicago song, and a story to go with it. A good example is my wife Jan, she was happily ignoring everything till ‘Color My World’ came on, ‘Oh, when I was tending bar in the pool hall, that song would come on the jukebox, I’d crank it on high and go play a game, I was pretty good at pool back then’.

With a total of 30 tracks, I know that there is something that you will recognize. The tracks are essentially in chronological order, and I have to admit a big preference for the the earlier material featured on disc one.

Over the forty years the band has been around they have seen musicians come and go, but they have always managed to maintain the same feel to their music, this is something that few other long time musical partnerships have achieved.

Even though Chicago is a household name to us ‘old folks’ they are appealing to a new generation by going with a ‘try before you buy’ policy, Rhino Records has some of tracks available as streaming audio, give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Once you are hooked you can get your own copy from Rhino.

Simon Barrett

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