There is a story behind every CD, in fact in this case there is a story behind not just the CD but the band itself. I first heard about Roswell Six back in 2009. I love prog rock and the concept of a new band entering the music fray was an exciting one. Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon certainly hit the mark. It was an album that exuded the prog style.

I contacted my PR friend and asked if the band might be interested in doing an interview. A couple of days later the interview was confirmed, but the mystery behind Roswell Six increased exponentially. There would be two people representing Roswell Six, the executive producer of the album Shawn Gordon, and co-producer Kevin J. Anderson.

Talking to producers is all well and good, but where were the musicians?

The hunt was on. Shawn Gordon is also the owner of the record label that the CD was released on. I guess there was no huge surprise there. But Kevin J. Anderson? Now here was a very different story. Kevin is a world renown writer of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, when I last checked his book sales were over 40 million copies!

The truth surfaced, Kevin J. Anderson had just released the first of a planned trilogy of books in the Terra Incognita series, The Edge Of The World. Shawn had read the early manuscript and thought that the story could be told through music, a modern day rock opera if you will. With Shawn channeling the music and Kevin the lyrics a project was born. Roswell Six was created out of thin air.

You can read and listen to my review and interview with them here.

Very much I thought that I had heard the last of Roswell Six until a few weeks ago. A package of DVD’s and Cd’s arrived from a music distributor that I work with. I gave the box to my wife, and we went through our regular routine, I refer to it as ‘pile technology’, the must see/must listen to pile, the rainy day pile, and the you have to be kidding pile! About half way through she picked up a CD and said Terra Incognita, which pile? I stopped what I was doing, could this be Shawn and Kevin again? Indeed it was. Book two of the trilogy The Map Of All Things is now in print, and the two friends have collaborated once more to produce an accompanying CD. Roswell Six lives again.

There are some great advantages in the Roswell Six approach. There is no baggage. No on the road grudges, no fights, no history. You create the band for a studio project, and then move on.

Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that this lack of continuity is a problem, it is not. A Line In The Sand is a very splendid piece of work. It is somewhat different from Beyond The Horizon, but in many ways that is what makes it outstanding.

You can order your copy from Amazon by using the link above, or directly from Prog Rock Records.

This is an album well worth taking out for a spin.

Simon Barrett

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