Art experts can tell if the painter was left or right handed by the brush strokes on the canvas. Archeologists can date a fragment of pottery by how it was manufactured and the raw materials used.  Can forensics be used in music to determine the gender of the artist?

I was contemplating this important question a few days ago. I was listening to a solo piano work. My highly unscientific study came to the conclusion was that yes, it is possible to determine the gender based on the style of playing.

This brings us to Sunset Breeze, once again I used my highly unscientific test I determined that it was played by a woman! This should as no surprise as Lynn is hardly a common name for a man.

Lynn Yew Evers is a delightful composer and pianist, she has such a light and delicate touch with the keyboard it is mesmerizing.  I think it was the movie Oh Brother that contained the classic line ‘Music to salve the soul’. This is indeed an album to do just that.

Generally there is a trend for musicians to put the strong tracks first and the weaker tracks buried at the back end. But not so with this album, I really like the later tracks, A Walk In A Chinese Garden and Prelude In D Minor.

Midway through the album (track 8) is Without Words, this YouTube version is slightly different from the album, but it gives you an example of just how talented this young lady is.

She has a web site, and you can buy this very fine album from her web site here.


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