It was way back in 1972 when this live concert was taped. 1972 was the jumping off point of the Prog Rock movement, and elements of the genre can be found in this album. Don “Sugar Cane” Harris is probably a name you have heard of before, but can’t quite place where. Well the answer is, prior to going it along he played with John Mayall, John Lee Hooker and Little Richard and eventually joined Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention in 1969.

This is an interesting album, and has some great musicians on it. Sugar cane is joined by Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt, ans bassist Neville Whitehead  (also from Soft Machine). Volker Kriegel and Terje Rydal are on guitars, and the very competent Wolfgang Dauner is on keyboards.

While ostensibly a blues concert, these guys definitely push the edge of the envelope. The violin is not an instrument usually linked with a blues band. Sugar Cane though takes the violin to places it has never been taken to before. He has been called, and rightly so, the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.

This a truly interesting album. Not only are the compositions and execution excellent, it is also a great history lesson. The early 70’s were a pivotal period in modern music, a period that gave rise to many different genres. Great stuff!

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Simon Barrett

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