We reviewers  love to put music in pigeon holes, everything must have a genre, in the case of Deborah Offenhauser she has been declared ‘New Age’, whatever that means! There is a saying about art, I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like. And I know I like this CD.

From start to end it is a fabulous musical adventure. The Piano is such a versatile instrument, it can be happy or sad, it can be consoling or accusing, there are no limits to its ability in the hands of a great player. Deborah Offenhauser is that great player.

I know little about her background as the web page does not say much, but I’ll bet she is classically trained in both playing and musical composition, maybe even orchestration.

I found this teaser video for Soundscapes

Each track has its own unique personality, I know my favorite, Tanz (track 5). The listener is transported to some exotic Moroccan Bazaar, you can almost smell the kebobs and bread being cooked by the street vendors.

There are traces of that same theme in Taninim (track 12).

Soundscapes is a great musical adventure. It is well worth diving into. I am hoping to interview Deborah in the near future, I will keep you informed



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