As is my way, I totally ignored the bio stuff and jumped straight in to the music. The piano is an awesome tool in the hands of a master, and Christopher Boscole is indeed a master.

Track 1 New Hope is a most wonderful tease. The listener is in a room with a door, he is led time and time again toward the door, just as you get a glimpse of the mystery Christopher Boscole brings you back

I won’t go through the CD track by track, they the all wonderfully satisfying. I must however mention Polyana. It has that same secret to be shared feel that New Hope has.

I went digging for information on the pianist. It’s a bit scant. He lives in Hawaii and Soul Dreams is his 11th solo album, he started recording in 1989. He does have a web site

Other than these scant ‘scraps’ I came up empty handed. If you love great piano played by an expert I cannot recommend this CD enough. To get your own copy just use the Amazon link above.

I did check YouTube and found this great piece by Debussy, Claire De Lune that somehow  fits his playbook

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