Neil is a very gifted pianist and composer, Solitaire is a delightful musical journey. As a reviewer I wrestle with the term New-age. I really do not like the stereotype it conjures up in my brain. So I prefer the term Neo-classical, it sounds so much more refined and grown-up!

I enjoyed listening to Solitaire, sitting on the rear deck watching the dogs chase each other, the sun shining, yes Solitaire was the perfect companion to complete my morning. The word Solitaire has its roots in the Latin word solitarius, [lone or alone], what a great title for an excursion into solo piano, no deck of cards reacquired! Here is a track from Solitaire:

I am a curious person, I don’t just listen to music, I want to know all about the creator. I delved and discovered that he and his wife Cathy is as skillful on the flute as he is on the piano, combined they are quite something special. Here are two quick samples Jesu, joy of mans desiring and Sicilliana, who doesn’t love Bach?

You can get your own copy of Solitaire by clicking on the Amazon link above. I also recommend that you visit both Patton Music and



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