This is a band that has a long and industrious background. Let’s face it, if you played Woodstock, you were someone! Re-released this year, this is a must have CD.

The first time I took it out for a spin I was using Windows Media Player, and I was in shock and horror, it sounded flat and boring. My wife is a fan of Winamp, and she beat me to a pulp until she had a chance to try it under Winamp. I hate to admit that Jan was right, hell she will get a big head and make my life even harder! (so don’t tell her). But the difference was amazing! This is the Sly and Family that we remember!

This is a great band, and great bands just know what to do, and when to do it.

I Want to Take You Higher is their opening gambit, they follow that with Everybody Is A Star. This is not a shabby way to start a CD. When you consider that Everyday People, and Thank You, are also on this CD, I’d say this is one you need in your collection!

I really like the trend of ‘Try Before You Buy’, and it is great to see that even the major labels, in this case Sony-BMG are adopting it. You can listen to Everyday People and I Want to Take You Higher on streaming audio.

To get your copy go to The Sony Music Store.
Simon Barrett

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