SleepwalkingEvery musical piece is constructed from variatons and combinations of silence and sound. Most film scores are relatively light on the former and heavy on the latter, which isn’t a bad choice, especially in an action film. but Christopher Young’s score for Sleepwalking makes abundant use of the silences between the notes in order to convey a deeper sense of emotion to his already dramatic musical storytelling. There’s a profound sense of loss and hope flowing through the tracks of this score, and Young manages to tie them all together without toppling over into monotony or melodrama.

The album unfortunately opens with A Fine Frenzy’s “Come On, Come Out,” a misguided choice to display the theme of the film in blatant terms.  Luckily, this is the only actual song on the album, and the rest of the tracks are score work composed by Christopher Young. With pauses and light guitar strumming mixed with occasional bass and piano, Young gives pause when it works and heightened moods when it works, though he never outdoes himself or exerts more energy than necessary. This is a definite positive choice as the score manages to cascade from track to track in a very fluid manner.

The consistency of the music (and the range Young shows when compared to other work he’s done) is impressive. Making use of few instruments and a key set of notes and melodies, Young has crafted a very approachable and memorable score. The final track, “Shine On,” manages to encapsulate the entire film, while also allowing Young to end on a positive note.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: A melancholy day by the pool
Stay Away if: You’re looking for something uplifting
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