Michael Chapman may not be a household name in North America which is a shame, he is one of the best singer songwriters to come out of England in many years. His career spans almost 5 decades. His distinctive voice and alluring lyrics combined with a very fine guitar style make for a winning combination.

Sixty Minutes With.. takes a retrospective look at this prodigious musician. It is hard to pin a label on him, is it folk, is it soft rock, in parts he may even be classed as new age. Regardless of the label that you pin on this guy, he is a great musician. His compositions are very much influenced by American culture, there is more than a tinge of bluegrass in many of his works.

Featured on the CD are Postcards Of Scarborough and the delightful Heartbeat, Heartbeat was the album that many claim is of the New Age genre. It really is not, it is just a very light instrumental album.

For some easy listening I can recommend Michael Chapman, and Sixty Minutes With is a fine introduction to this talented man.

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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