John Martyn is another much under played British musician. Perhaps best known for his association with Pentangle bassist Danny Thompson. This partnership resulted in two critically acclaimed albums, Bless The Weather and Solid Air.

Over the years John has played with many fine musicians, and a couple of the tracks on this retrospective feature Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame.

The CD sleeve notes claim that John Martyn is somewhere between Rock and Folk, I have to disagree, I feel his style is smooth Jazz. This is pure unadulterated seduction music! Pop this on the player and the young lady will be putty in your hands!

If you have never heard John Martyn I can recommend Sixty Minutes With, it is a great window on on this talented man. Many of the tracks on this compilation are live recordings, and this is the only way to appreciate his great talent. He is still very active on the tour circuit, though primarily in the UK, so if you are visiting the ‘old country’ keep an eye out for one of his concerts.

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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