It always amazes me the way artists get stereotyped, one stint with a particular band, one single, or one movie is enough to get you a label that can last for a very long time! That in many ways describes Billy Currie, he is a hugely innovative musician and composer, yet remains under many peoples radar.

He is best know as one of the founding members of the 80’s synth band Ultravox. And it is (at least in my opinion) that millstone that has haunted Billy for almost 20 years. His compositions and arrangements are sophisticated and highly listenable, a very far cry from the heady world of Ultravox and synthpop.

A wonderful example of Billy Currie at his finest on the keyboards is the way too short (track 12) Requiem, a haunting little piece. Billy has not given up with the synth sound, but has most certainly toned down it’s centric position in much of his music. One track though that is very Ultravox is French Viola, this is synth as only Billy can do. French Viola in many ways is the anathema on this CD, if there are any budding DJ’s reading this review, you should pick up a copy of this CD just for French Viola, you will not need to remix it, loop it, or otherwise mess with it, just play it, and the dance zombie crowd will be in Ecstasy heaven.

This is an album that is well worth the price of admission, and is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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