All About Eve was a mid eighties phenomenon, the band consisted of Julianne Regan’s haunting style of vocals with Andy Cousin on bass guitar,  and Tim Bircheno on Electric Guitar. Somewhere in the line-up was also a drum machine!

Although Julianne’s previous musical adventures had been very Goth in nature, All About Eve took a new fork in the musical road. The band in it’s original form existed until 1987 and with two albums and a number of hit singles under their belt called it a day. Julianne and Andy Cousin reformed the band in 1999, and are still going strong.

This 2006 retrospective gives the listener a great introduction to this innovative and highly listenable band. The style, both vocal and musical I find to be a sort of cross between The Cranes, and Edie Brickel And The New Bohemians.

This CD is a delightful exploration of a very fine and accomplished band. If you are already a fan of All About Eve, you likely will not be surprised by the tracks included, however you may well be surprised by the versions selected, many of which has not been previously released.

Our good friends at MVD have this one in stock.

Simon Barrett


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