April 15 was the official release date of Frank Sinatra’s Sinatra At The Movies CD, but there is no fear of missing out on getting a copy. This collection, which is a treasure for Sinatra fans, will be around for a long time. Or at least it should be. If for no other reason than to honor an entertainer of such great talent.

Granted, not every one is a fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes, and that is just fine, but nobody can discount his impact on the entertainment world. Not only was he a crooner of major renown – I remember my mother talking about how she swooned and screamed for his performances the way my generation did for Elvis – he starred in many of the films this collection of songs was taken from.  Sinatra may not have had the depth of acting ability that an actor such as Marlon Brando had, but he could play a role with charm and competency, and few people could fault his Pal Joey.  It would also be hard to say that anyone of that era could do a vocal better than he could.

Sinatra At The Movies includes title themes from The Tender Trap, From Here To Eternity, Young At Heart, Three Coins In The Fountain and Not As A Stranger, as well as “Chicago” and “All The Way” from The Joker Is Wild, “I Could Write A Book” and “The Lady Is A Tramp” from Pal Joey, “How Deep Is The Ocean” and “All Of Me” from Meet Danny Wilson, “To Love And Be Loved” from Some Came Running, and more.

Listening to the CD, I delighted at the favorite songs I remembered like “High Hopes” and “All the Way”.  The cuts seemed to be reproduced from the originals, which was both good and bad. Purists like me who don’t want classics “improved” will enjoy the step back in time, but the sound quality varied and some of the songs just didn’t have the full power of Sinatra’s amazing voice.

Still, Sinatra At The Movies is a CD is well worth a listen. It has some of his more popular songs as well as some classics I’d forgotten like “Monique” and C’est Magnifique”. They made me nostalgic for those old movies that were pure entertainment and would have had a G rating had they been made in the last thirty years.

In addition to the CD, Sinatra fans can look forward to other high-profile music and DVD releases this month to honor the Chairman of the Board’s amazing career as a legend of entertainment. Throughout the month of May, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will air special television programs co-hosted by Sinatra’s children. The month-long event will include more than thirty of his films and four television specials. On May 13 the U.S. Post Office will release a commemorative U.S. postage stamp honoring Sinatra.

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