One of the more enjoyable aspects of being the Editor here at Blogger News, is the number of writers that are creative in other areas. We have Authors, we have Stand Up Comics, and we have Musicians.

Generally it is by pure chance that I discover these other talents. And that was the case with Sebastian Albu. Sebastian has been a writer with us for some time, and it came as a complete surprise when during an email exchange he talked about his soon to be released (January 22) CD. Needless to say, I had to get a copy.

Golan is a relatively new band, but the members are very competent musicians. Sebastian Albu is the composer and guitarist, John Grigsby is on both Electric and Acoustic Bass, Mark Emmons on Drums, and recent addition John Lake on Trumpets, rounds out the band.

As to style, well there is a Jazz influence, but it is not just Jazz, many other influences that come into play. While a Golan concert might not be as wild as Kiss, or Pink Floyd may be, it would be a delightful event to attend. The music is rich, fertile, and very well crafted. Sebastian clearly has composing skills, and if I was a gambling man I’d bet a $dollar that we see his name in a few movie credits. His music has the subtle drama that would work in the movie industry. I suspect that Sebastian has the ability to write music to fit the mood, which is a very rare ability, and one that is much sought after in Hollywood.

All of the musicians in Golan have a very light touch with their interpretations, if I wasn’t married I’d be tempted to try this ‘seduction music’ on a young lady, it would work better than any ‘date rape’ drug!

For a first album Golan has done an outstanding job. They have a MySpace page where you can sample some of this delightful music.

To get your own copy of Silhouette contact Sebastian at

Simon Barrett

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