Punk fans rejoice, punk is alive and well and living in Philadelphia under the name of American Speedway. The press releases call it ‘high energy rock n roll’ but in my mind this is classic Punk. This is what Punk was designed to be, raw, exciting, heavy, and fast! Surprisingly enough this is a relatively new band. They formed in early 2007, and consist of Michael Thursby Speedway as the frontman and Guitar/Lead Loud Vocals, Billy Angry handles Bass/Vocals, Johny Griswold grinds the Guitar/Vocals, and Chris Callahan has a love/hate relationship with the drums. These guys are the epitome of fun!
Punk has gone through several reincarnations over the years, each one becoming more and more bizarre. American Speedway tosses aside those ideas and returns to the world of angry young men with a message. About the only place they fall down in, when compared to the late 70’s bands is that these guys actually know how to play the instruments, they are not limited to 3 chords and a strange hairstyle.

For such a new band they have achieved much, including getting into the top 40 most played band on Siruis 29. This Punk oriented channel has 1000’s of songs in its library, but seems to like American Speedway, and rightly so.

There is no doubt about the fact that their energy is infectious, as you can check out for yourself on YouTube where they perform the title track ‘Ship of Fools. They also have a web site, and what would any new band be without the ubiquitous MySpace page? But you might have to wait to get the downloads because so popular is this band, they have already racked up over 15,000 myspace friends and over 52,000 total plays on their myspace player

This is a band worth checking out, they have no pretensions, they are what they are, and that is rough and ready.

You can get your own copy of Ship Of Fools from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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