Last week I had a most amusing interview with a rock guitarist, he has a solo album, it is very inward looking. He was nervous, apparently he was concerned that I was going to use those two little words ‘New Age’ which he thought could damage his career.

It is odd how some people view the ‘New Age’ genre. I assured the young man that there were fates far worse that New Age. The very next day I discovered Seashells In My Pocket. Pam has clearly been down the well trodden path and come up with the term ‘Neo-Classical’. I like this, it sums up the style quite well.

Seashells In My Pocket is a delight from start to finish. Normally there are a couple of tracks that stand head an shoulders above the pack, nope, there are no stars, they are all stars. Pam Asberry should be very proud of this CD.

There is one track, Moonlight Over Moorea that I keep returning to, I don’t know why. Bits of it annoy me for no good reason, and bits delight me for no good reason. I can’t even tell you which bits they are.

Pam Asberry has a web site here, and you can download the very fine CD Seashells In My Pocket from the amazon link above


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