There are few people with a voice more unique than Jon Anderson. This delightful CD is a collection of ‘Demos’ from 1986. Jon maybe most well known as the songbird for Yes, and although these demo’s come 6 years after Jon left Yes, the influences are still there.

Missing are the mystical keyboards of Rick Wakeman, but the overall shape of the music is uniquely Yes. The mid 80’s probably are not a period that Jon fondly remembers, seemingly trapped in the fall out from the demise of Yes, and having yet to create his own unique signature sound.

I like this CD a lot, the really wonderful part of a ‘demo’ is there is no room for those filler tracks that appear on regular albums, with a demo, every track counts. Every track might be the next ‘big one’.

Whoever put these tracks together did a great job, track one, Take Take My Love, is nothing short of spectacular, and is repeated in ‘a cappella’ as a bonus track. It is a rare talent, a musician, being able to hold perfect pitch without the backdrop of some tonal reference points, but Jon Anderson does it.

If you are a Jon Anderson fan, you cannot live without this one in your collection. The good news is that you can pick it up online from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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