The PulseFirst of all, to clear up any confusion: the band is called Scenes From a Movie and the album is called The Pulse. Just making sure that’s understood. If at any time you get mixed up, just return to that first statement there. Make sense? Maybe.

In the vein of Panic! At the Disco, Scenes From a Movie has a frantic pacing, bordering on corybantic. With Tony Bush’s similar staccato vocal stylings and the band’s quick pop-punk beats, fans of the former band are sure to immediately relate to Scenes From a Movie. With their debut album, the quintet seems ready to burst right into the pop scene, and after earning a coveted spot on the 2007 Warped Tour, maybe they are.

The music is unremittingly catchy, with super-fast guitar licks, drums, and vocals. The lyrics, though not exceptionally deep, are memorable and better-than-average, while Bush’s emotive delivery is spot on. Clever writing abounds throughout the album, ranging from sarcastic and depressing in “Heartbeat From Hell”, where Bush declares “We are a heartbeat away from having no heartbeat at all”, and in “Hang Your Halo” where he bemoans the fact that “Nothing feels like feeling nothing”, to bold in “Save You”, where he challenges “I’m daring you to say something original.”

The Pulse is an obvious addition to any punk-pop music collection already consisting of albums from Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio, and Panic! at the Disco. Fans of the genre should enjoy the sound, though others might find it a bit exhaustive.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Top 40 rating: B
Over 40 rating: C-

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