Satellite is another fine product from the heart of todays Progressive Rock movement, Metal Minds Productions out of Katowiz, Poland. I am still amazed by Poland being the hub of this important genre,  but the center of the universe for Prog Rock it certainly is. Their latest release is Into The Night by the innovative band Satellite.

In the strictest term Satellite belongs to the sub genre, Neo Prog Rock, but I am not much one for labels.

Satellite consists of Robert Amirian on vocals, Sarhan Kubeisi on guitars, Krzysiek Palczewski on keyboards, Jarek Michalski on bass guitar, and Wojtek Szadkowski on drums. You can tell from the names ‘they are not from around here’.

This is great music, as prog rock goes it is a little on the mellow side, very listenable indeed.

Prog Rock is not a genre that has ever experienced great acceptance in the US, the closest being the likes of Yes and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Prog Rock is much more, maybe it’s lack of acceptance is due to the complexity of the music, it is much easier to to put on a Nashville whine and complain about wives and girlfriends, or dress in pants 37 sizes to big and abuse everyone in sight, I believe that style is called rap. They have the musical ability of a tomato!

Prog Rock on the other hand is a ballet composed by intelligent and innovative musicians. If you are ready for some real music give Satellite a try. They have a MySpace pace that has some samples on it You can also get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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