Bret Michaels: Rock My World  The Poison frontman is feeling flush now thanks to his reality show. Too bad that his songwriting is just as lacking as it always has been. Poison has always been and will always be a bit of naughty fun. The musicianship and song-writing was never that great but no one cared. From the opening track “Go That Far” to the modern hard rock of “Right Now, Right Here” there is lots to cringe about on here.

The one highlight is “All I ever Needed” Bret’s tender country ballad. It reminds one of “Every Rose has its Thorn” or rather the other side of the song. The song works because Bret does not be trying too hard. Normally CDs get better with each listen in my experience. This one does not stand up to repeated listens.  Just make sure you don’t let the CD get to “Its My Party” which is so bad its chronic.

If you want to remember Bret at his best just get out yer Poison’s great hits. This’ll just leave a bad taste in your mouth. A bit of let-down really; I was rather hoping for something a bit more.

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