Oh to come from such a talented family! This album was originally recorded in 2001 and features son Adam Wakeman adding his keyboarding and vocal skills. Rick meanwhile seems to have established a backing band that he is comfortable with, The New English Rock Ensemble. Rounding out the band are Tony Fernandez on drums, Lee Pomeroy on bass, Ant Glynne on guitar, and Damian Wilson vocals.

This is a rather divergent project for the keyboarding maestro, in fact in a couple of the tracks he is almost overshadowed by the other instruments. Needless to say this does not last long.

I am not sure how many versions of Jane Seymour I have heard, but they all move me. The Bach influence is huge. J. S. Bach is long since dead, his legacy to the world though lives on. Mathematical it maybe, alluring it most certainly is.

Having listened to a number of Wakeman albums of late, I have to confess that this one appeals less than the others. While most of us have to put up with precocious teenagers wanting to borrow the family car, Rick has to deal with “Dad can we make an album huh huh?”, no doubt Rick replied, “yes, but only if you take the garbage out”.

Adam Wakeman is still in the formative stage. His potential is huge, and as Out Of The Blue demonstrates, he has the Right Stuff. I doubt that he is going to topple his dad off the keyboarding throne anytime soon, but he is certainly a name to look out for.

Out Of The Blue is a curious collection, and maybe one that I would not recommend as the best way to meet Rick. He has without doubt the finest fingers on the ivories of anyone in the past 40 years, yet this album is an anathema, containing a number of very unlike Rick compositions.

Out Of The Blue is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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