The world lost a great musician when it lost Rick Danko. Sadly his heart gave out and he died in his sleep at his home near Woodstock, New York, on December 10, 1999 just days after the end of a brief tour of the Midwest ending with the final show in Ann Arbor at The Ark.

“Times Like These” was bassist Rick Danko’s final album. It features a variety of sources from an aborted solo project in 1993 to Danko’s final live performance in Ann Arbor, Michigan just days before his death.

I find this CD very soothing to listen to. It starts out with a great piece written by Danko called “Times Like These.” This was the first time I heard this one and I liked it a lot and this is saying a lot from someone that has mostly stuck with country music all their life.

Also on the album is a version of Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang” and “All Our Past Times” which Danko co-wrote with Eric Clapton in the late seventies.

Ricks wife, Elizabeth Danko was quoted as saying this, “Rick had always said he would never put his name on an album unless he was proud of it. The reason being he had to live with it. Well, this is no exception. I know he can hear it and I know that he is very proud to have his name on it.”

This CD was produced by Aaron L. Hurwitz and Rick Danko.

You can get your own copy of this CD at MVD.

Jan Barrett

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