There is a saying ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. It is a true statement, and certainly the music industry is testament to that sentiment. There are thousands of Tribute bands out in the wild. Go to Las Vegas and you can watch Elvis impersonators from dawn till dawn, in fact you can even get married by a few of them! Beatles bands are just about as prolific, tribute is here to stay.

Some might argue that ‘tribute’ shows a lack of originality, or a lack of musical ability. I disagree, some bands have gone on to create their own brand, sometimes sounding more like the original band than the real thing!

So lets take a look at Rewiring Genesis. Yes this is a tribute album, but not what you might expect. They have taken an original album in it’s entirety Lies Down On Broadway, and given it a whole and fresh makeover.

Only Phil Collins sounds like Phil Collins, this band makes no attempt to be Genesis, they are merely using Lies Down On Broadway as a blank canvas on which to paint their own musical portrait. I like this approach, they are by no means copying, these guys are creating. In many ways it reminds me of a tribute album that was released following the death of June Carter-Cash, not in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned Elvis Costello doing a cover of ‘Burning Ring Of Fire’ (yes folks June wrote it, but Johnny made it famous).

Rewiring Genesis might not be for the hard core Genesis fan, but I suspect that it will be a highly successful project. This is a delightful reworking of a very classic album. This album is well worth seeking out. Nick D’Virgilio of Spock’s Beard fame and engineer/producer Mark Hornsby are to be congratulated for making a very innovative version of an early Genesis album, one that maybe did not get the credit it deserved when it was first released.

You can get your copy at better record stores or Amazon. The CD goes on sale on November 4th, which incidentally is my birthday and wedding anniversary, Oh, and I guess there is some voting stuff going on that day as well. So go out and vote, pick up a copy of Rewiring Genesis on your way back to work, and send me a birthday card with money in it! 🙂

Simon Barrett

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