One of the best parts of being a reviewer is that you never know what you are going to open up next. Renegade is a treat indeed. I have always loved traditional folk music, and while these tunes may be newly minted, they they firmly rooted in the Irish folk music tradition, reels at their finest.

I will be super critical though, Renegade do not yet (and I stress the word yet) have the tightness that you find in a classic Steeleye Span, or Fairport Convention album, and they do have a tendency to explore the ‘unknown’, track 4 ‘Got A Hold Of Me’ for example marries Irish Folk with Jamaican Reggae. While it certainly is unique, I am not completely sold on the result. I have to admit that what went through my mind was ‘Bob Marley meets RiverDance’. On the other hand, it might be the reason to rush out and get a copy. You will have bragging rights around the water cooler at work, I can not think of another band that has ever tried this musical style.
I think that if the core musicians of Renegade (Sharon Shannon, Mike McGoldrick, Dezi Donnelly, and Jim Murray stick together, they may well have the chemistry to be the next Fairport. They certainly have the talent.

You can get your own copy of Renegade from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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