Radiohead are a Brit band hailing out of the small and very pretty town of Abingdon in England. I guess you could say we used to be neighbors, I grew up about 8 miles from the town. Alas though I never knew the band.

Band members include: Thom Yorke performing lead vocals, and playing rhythm guitar, piano, electronics, Jonny Greenwood on lead guitar, Ed O’Brien on guitar, Colin Greenwood on bass guitar, synthesisers and Phil Selway on drums.

This is a well seasoned alternative rock group what has been active in the music scene since the early 90’s. With total record sales to date well exceeding 20 million albums, there are few music heads that are not familiar with the band.

In Rainbows is a very sophisticated album. It has been well thought out and really showcases Radiohead’s strengths. Alt Rock or even Electronic they may be labeled as, but much of In Rainbows is delightful soft rock. Very listenable, very enjoyable, just what you would expect from seasoned performers like this.

If there was a Grammy for the most bewildering web site Radiohead would be a shoe in for the award with, esthetically soothing, but not quite what I was expecting. Mind you, their main site is also fairly strange!

In Rainbows is in stores now, or you can order online.

Simon Barrett

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