The music scene is a tough one, maybe the Country Music scene being the absolute hardest to make a name for yourself in. Chris ‘Abby’ Abbondanza is hardly a newcomer to the music scene, he was the front man for the Povertyneck Hillbillies. It is nevertheless still a challenge launching out on your own.

Promised Land is a very listenable album, but will it have the hook to capture the audience? I suspect the answer to that question is yes.

The title track Promised Land does indeed predict a Promised Land for this performer. Likewise his choice of closing the album with I’ve Been There Too, is a good choice. I can’t quite place the opening musical phrase, it is a combination of many songs, but an incredible hook. With the wonders of modern tech I cannot tell if it is actually a steel guitar that is being used, but it certainly has that feel about it.

I Can Help You With That is another great track (6) my wife who knows a lot more than I do about the Country Music scene made the remark that this track reminded her a lot of Trace Atkins.

Abby Abbondanza should be pretty happy with this album, it definitely shows his very distinctive style. Yes there are filler tracks, but I would be hard pressed to name an album, or an artist that can create an entire album of ‘must listen to’ tracks.

Abby has a pretty unique story to tell about his entrance into the music industry. He had no experience, at age 26 he won a karaoke contest by singing ‘Friends in low places’, and to quote him “The next thing I knew I was in a band and we were selling records like crazy.”

Promised Land is well worth a test drive, and I hope to hear much more from him in the future, he clearly has both the performing, and writing skills. Check out Abby Abbondanza’s site.

You can order your copy of Promised Land from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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