It is hard to believe that Pink Floyd celebrates the 40th anniversary of their debut album Piper At The Gates Of Dawn this year. Back in 1967 the British music charts were awash on ‘pop’ junk, the Beatles were running high with Strawberry Fields, and the Rolling Stones were assaulting our ears with Let’s Spend The Night Together. But creeping up on the music world was a little known band Pink Floyd who were about to change the music landscape.

Although he did not last long as part of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett was the driving force behind this young band and his foot print is all over Piper.

Pink Floyd represented a new movement in the music world. Today we likely would call it Prog Rock, back then we had no label. They were raw, they were different, and they rocked! This was the band that created the genre.

In celebration of this important anniversary EMI are offering a two and three CD re-release. I love the early Floyd, and Pipers is an absolute joy. The two CD version contains the original mono version as it was originally released, the second CD is the stereo version that came later. The three CD package also contains the singles that the band released in that era.

The album title comes from Kenneth Grahams  wonderful children’s book Wind in the Willows. It is an apt title, the music is as surrealistic as the story.

In support of this re-release EMI have hosted an early video of Arnold Layne and an audio of Bike.

This is an absolute must have for any Pink Floyd fan. The Two and Three CD versions are available through Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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