There is no doubt in my mind, and it was backed up by the press release, a major influence in Joel Harrison’s musical career is Paul Simon. This CD is packed with Simonesque style. I happen to be a big fan of Paul Simon, so this CD fits right into my world.

Joel Harrison uses a musical canvas that is compendious to say the least. What is his style? Thats a very hard question to answer. He covers just about every style you can name. yes I certainly can see some Paul Simon, but there are also many other influences.

I like music with soul, but I am not so keen on soul as a style. Joel Harrison finds a happy medium, at least for me. Track one Wishing Well is a delightful, and superbly pulled off song. While it has its roots firmly planted in soul, it also offers the listener an opportunity to explore the range of Joel’s ability.

Track two, which is also the title track Passing Train, takes us to a different place. This is a very Jazzy arrangement. It is very well done, but to my jaded ears, it is just another rehash of what we have all heard 8 gazillion times before.

Northwest Jewel (track 3) gets the CD back on track. With some great ‘horn’ work backing him, Joel shines. Great music, great lyrics, and a wonderful use of the backing vocals.

I really don’t know much about this artist, and to tell the truth I have no idea where the CD came from! Normally I have a way of tracking down the source, but this one appeared out of nowhere. My wife swears that she didn’t do it. And I don’t have a dog, so I can’t blame it on the pets.

I do like the CD, so whoever sent it to me, I say thank you very much.

If you think that this might be your kind of music check out Joel’s web site.

Simon Barrett

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