German Metal has always been something I have admired, Henckel Knives are without doubt the finest cutting instruments known to man! Paradox takes us to a different kind of German Metal, cutting edge like a Henckel, but musical rather than something found in the kitchen!

Heresy is their follow up album to Product Of Imagination, and a damn fine effort it is. I found Heresy to be a slightly more complex work, the music is way more involved than what we found on Product Of Imagination. That might be due to the line-up changes that occurred, or just the normal growing process that bands go through.

Although this album was originally released in 1989, you should not be put off, this is metal/thrash at its very finest.

Paradox, like many bands have had their up’s and down’s over the years, and for long periods of time seemed to have fallen apart. However in 2005, they rose from the ashes, and are now back in the Metal world as serious contenders.

Love Metal? Get it from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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