Who is Paddy Casey, I hear you ask? Well, he may not be well known on this side of the pond (yet), but this Dublin, Ireland, singer songwriter is about to change that. Addicted To Company is a great album, and one that given some radio time will rocket up the Billboard charts faster than an aegis missile shooting down dead spy satellites.

Paddy is an interesting character, and certainly from his style of singing you would never peg him as Irish. Light and lyrical, with just a touch of a backing band. Somehow I imagine that normally he is used to singing and performing by himself, and the band was added for the studio only. That is not meant as a detraction, merely an observation.

He has intrigued me enough to make me go out and find some of his earlier work.

One of the problems that many great singer/songwriters face is getting exposure, but with Sony/RED behind him I have high hopes that he is going to become a household name here in North America. He exudes talent.

The track City is a powerhouse. Buying this CD is worth it, just for this one song. And on the subject of buying, you can pre-order it here, and if my review has not convinced you, check out Paddy’s website, where you can sample some of his music.

Simon Barrett


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