I am a firm believer in ‘bucking’ the conventional standards, half the time if I am asked to review a trilogy of books I will start with the last one! Actually the reason is usually more prosaic, Someone sends me the third book, and because I like it, I work back in time to understand the entire story. The same rings true with music, I will find an artist I like and work backwards in time. I recently had the great pleasure of reviewing Tokyo Rosenthal’s latest creation Love Won Out, which features some just outstanding songs.

One Score And Ten is an earlier album, and maybe not quite as polished as Love Won Out, but is a very fine album. There is no doubt in my mind that Tokyo, (who incidentally is as American as apple pie, don’t be fooled by the name) is a very accomplished musician, performer, and composer.

This album has a much more rock oriented feel about it, maybe that is a reflection of the people that he opted to have play with him on the album. Alex Little (bass) definitely sets the tone for the CD with his contribution to track one, My Reflection. Steve Hansen, another bass player marks his stamp on Edmonton (track three). Two very different tracks, two very different approaches, yet both are executed to perfection.

I know there is a great story behind Edmonton, however I am going to wait for Tokyo to tell it in his own words when (hopefully) I get to interview him next week.

Reviewers – Rant (as an independent reviewer, and publish for a very independent site, I can rant if I want to)! As is the case with so many great American musicians they find more appreciation in other countries. And that is most certainly the case here. Tokyo has garnered a wide following in Europe, and Japan, but remains relatively unknown in his own country. The airwaves, which used to be the method of getting noticed has dried up. Too few companies owning too many stations has led to a very compressed play list. Unless you play Gangsta Rap and spend a good deal of time being prosecuted for shooting people, or are already famous and have just made it through your fifth stint in rehab, no-one plays your music! In my mind this mass media mind set is insane, but it keeps their overhead down. What annoys me though, is that it is the listeners that suffer!

OK, I’ll stop ranting, I love music, I love good music, I am not genre specific, I like anything that is well crafted, and Tokyo produces well crafted songs. Give him a try, and thumb your nose at the main stream media!

You can get your copy here.

Simon Barrett


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