Foreign Born have that uniquely Los Angeles sound about them, relatively light rock with a tinge of the melodramatic, that marries to produce a very listenable sound. The band consists of Lewis Nicolas Pesacov (Guitars), Matt Popeluch (Vocals, Guitars), Garrett Ray (Drums), and Arial Rechtshaid (Bass).

I do not know a great deal about Foreign Born, but to the best of my knowledge On A Wing Now is their first full length album. They have a very polished sound and compliment each others musical styles.

They are one of an increasing number of bands that see their marketing future in the Internet, they have both a Blog, and a MySpace page where you ‘can try before you buy’, I also believe they have been featured on the TV series ‘Chuck’.

Union Hall (track one) seems to be the song that sums Foreign Born up, part chant, part mantra, part classic rock. This is without question a hit waiting to be discovered. Into Your Dream (track two) is quintessential Southern California surf music, The Beach Boys could not have done it better.

All in all I give Foreign Born very high marks, their sound may not be ground breaking, but there again ground breaking is not always a good thing, I value my ear drums! I like this band a lot, this is a band that I would go out of my way to watch on stage. Once you have sampled them, go grab your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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