Tasmin Archer is not a name that is well known on this side of the pond, but in the UK she has charted on several occasions. The release of ON a few months ago signaled the end of a long wait for Tasmin’s fans. Apparently she became somewhat disillusioned wit the music world and took a little time off to regroup and re-evaluate her situation. On is the first work that I had heard from this artist, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think I would call it a fusion of blues and pop. In fact a couple of the tracks were very reminiscent of Sade, with that bluesy feel.

She has a very soft silky voice and the music matches it to perfection. From track one Take Care the listener is seduced into the performance. Effect Is Monotony (track 4) is a very upbeat and light track, and reflects the Sade style.

This is a very satisfying album, one that after a hard day at work you would want to listen to and relax. There are no bad songs, they are all superbly crafted works, with artful lyrics.

On is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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