Artist: Esperanza Spalding

CD Title: Esperanza

Record label: Heads Up

Release Date: May 20, 2008

Every once and a while you wait for an artists CD to come out and you are not disappointed. Well this CD is one of those time’s I heard about Ms. Spalding about two years ago I was at my favorite record store and Shawn an employee at said record store asked have you heard this new CD from a woman who plays bass. I asked like Mechell Ndegeocello he said no just listen he then proceeded to play The Peacocks, and Mompouana I was hooked.

Being a producer of a jazz podcast I searched high and low but to no avail did I get in contact with the record company. Two years go by when I find out she’s now signed with Heads Up International the same label as Spyro Gyra, and The Yellowjackets Esperanza Spalding is now imbedded in the field of jazz music. Fast forward to 5/21/2008 the day after here self titled CD “Esperanza” is released I run to my favorite record store purchase it and I’m pleased.

This CD is phenomenal from the first to the last song there are 12 songs to this CD that range from the whimsical “I Adore You” to the story telling “Precious” you hear love, pride, joy and happiness the full range of emotions. On my drivability scale this CD is worthy of 5 and ½ steering wheels if you like jazz you will love “Esperanza.”

Norvell Molex Jr.

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