Artist: Nick Colionne

CD: No Limits

Record Label: Koch Records

The title of this CD is exactly what is says “No Limit” the Chicago  born Nick Colionne  has done his best to create an atmosphere that show several different styles of music. Unfortunately, sometimes too little is not enough and too much is over kill! Now for a debut CD “No Limit” is a hit in areas and a miss in others the R&B, and Jazz rhythms are felt through out this CD. Then without any warning the CD slips it a blues mode which can through your groove entirely off.

Mr. Colionne’s R&B experiences are felt through out this CD his time spent with Natalie Cole, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, and The Staples Singers. I can’t knock the blues tracks on the CD you here his years of time spent playing in the blues club’s of the windy city I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is just a bit off almost like Colionne was holding back or had so much to put in this CD that it was hard to control his flow through “No Limit.”

Nick has skill beyond measure mastering the art of rhythm & blues to form jazz. Taking to heart the words of Miles Davis “If you can’t play blues, you can’t play jazz” “No Limit” displays that Mr. Colionne knows his music. “No Limit” will fit perfectly into the smooth jazz rotation the track that sticks out most to me is “Headin’ Wes Before Dawn” Nick Colionne dedication to his guitarist idol Wes Montgomery.

On a day you just want to relax and need some music nothing in particular reach for “No Limit” this CD on my drivability scale is 3 out of six steering wheels.

Norvell A. Molex Jr.

“The Jazz Suite”

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