Pato Banton was without doubt one of the founding fathers of the reggae genre in the UK and Europe. Never Give In is a re-release of his 1987 album. Pato Banton has at least 10 CD’s to his name, but most fans agree that Never Give In is his best work.

There is something raw and needy about it, polished it is not, highly listenable it is.

This is a great album, and really demonstrates the roots of European Reggae. Pato Banton may not be a name that you recognize, but his work has spread to the North American continent. The Beastie Boys used his famous lyric  “I do not sniff coke I only smoke sensimilla”, and the larger than life Queen Latifah’s famous hit U.N.I.T.Y is a rework of some Pato original lyrics.

Pato hung up his dreadlocks for a while. The music business is a harried one. Now he is back, he is currently on what seems like and endless set of gigs backed by the Mystic Roots Band.

If you don’t know who Pato Banton is, try out his web site, if you do know who he is, pick up a copy of this great CD from Amazon  or wait till October 9 and get the new version, which incidentily contains some previously unreleased material.

Simon Barrett  


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