The music business is not for the feint at heart, It is a brutal world. So many bands and performers, yet so few opportunities to get air time on the ever diminishing radio waves.

Austin Law are a case in point, they have bags of talent, and they finally have their debut album out there. Will they get the air play? Who knows, one can only hope. Neon Halo is certainly an attention getter.

Austin Law are based out of southern California and led by Michael Austin, who has a very mellow voice, but don’t be fooled by this. His day job is being a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy. So I would not try heckling him while he is playing. You might not enjoy the free taxi ride and free lodgings that you get for the night!

As bands go, Austin Law is a good size, there are eight mouths to feed. Michael Austin handles the lead vocals and is joined by Roberto Corletti on drums, Micah Hulscher on ivories, Steve Pandis on bass and backing vocals, Travis Raab on guitar, Aubrey Richmond on Fiddle and Mandolin, and Billy Roberts and Marty Wagner also on guitars. Phew! That was a pile of typing! 🙂

Austin Law have the right stuff, they may be Californian boys but they certainly have the Nashville sound. With the right breaks they could certainly be set for a great future. They certainly have some great lyrics.

She looks right at home there on the barstool
Like she ain’t got no better place to be.

I like the band, and I think you will too. You can get your copy from e-tailors everywhere, or from Amazon.

Simon Barrett 

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