LunaHailing from the same island paradise as notables like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and Jack Johnson, National Product paints a much different musical picture than their gentle predecessors. More of an alt-rock group rather than the typical Hawaiian band, it’s no surprise that the members of National Product relocated to Southern California in 2001 to seek a broader audience and dedicate themselves to their music.

The result of their efforts is abundantly clear in the catchy, hard-hitting rock tunes on Luna, their debut album. The sound may be decidedly rocking, but it’s also exceptionally clean and occasionaly, such as on the catchy but bitter tune “Sad Excuse” and the rueful love melody “Where Do You Go?”, even soft and melodic.

Reminiscent of tunes from late 90s/early 2000s bands such as Splender, Goo Goo Dolls, and Lit, the influence of the more traditional alternative rock genre is evident throughout the 12-track album. Lead singer Danny Casler’s got the vocal power to keep listeners’ ears perked up and the musical prowess of the rest of the band creates a powerful combination rock fans of all ages are sure to appreciate. Aside from the slightly strained “Paper and Ink”, Luna offers a decent throwback and memorable update on the popularity of alt-rock. Alternatively heavy, fast and angry as well as gentle and mellow, fans of the aforementioned bands will definitely find plenty to like in Luna, while general rock fans will find at least a few songs to latch onto.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Alt-rock music fan’s rating: B+
Hawaiian music fan’s rating: C-

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