I think I just got transported back to the wonderful hippie era of the late 60’s. This is one of those acts that likely are best enjoyed having ingested liberal amounts of recreational pharmaceuticals. I am sure that they are a lot better after a couple of joints or a microdot of acid.

This is part spoken word, and part slightly disjointed musical accompaniment. I guess you could say this is an acquired taste.

The leader of this group of rather strange musicians is Gilli Smyth. Gilli has an interesting history, she boasts three degrees from Kings College in England, and is best known for her work as part of the band Soft Machine in the late 60’s.

Following Soft Machine she has been involved with various incarnations of the Gong theme, we have Gong, Gongmaison and Mother Gong.

While there is nothing intrinsically awful about Gilli’s music, it likely would not appeal to a large audience. I found her layering of poems over a slightly cranky (oops artsy) soundtrack to be both saprophytic and yet irritating experience. However when the band are allowed to play without the harpies lyrics they produce quite a nice ‘new age’ sound.

If you are an aging hippie, and your hero is Timothy Leary you will want to add this to your music collection.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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