I first encountered Heidi Breyer in 2015, an acquaintance suggested that I listen to Letters From Far Away, I did, I liked it, and sought out an interview with the young lady. I was very impressed, Heidi was very knowledgeable about the art, science, and craft of music. You can listen to the interview here.

Her latest CD is Moonlight In Empty Rooms. I do enjoy the solo piano, but often there are holes, a spot where there is silence, but silence leaves a want. Heidi Breyer has fixed the problem, she has added a very light layer of orchestra. The result is a very well rounded work.

The other day I was having the epitome of a bad day! I won’t bore you with the details, my solution was to retreat to the back deck, a place of peace and tranquility. I put on Moonlight In Empty Rooms, it made me feel so much calmer. The dogs were sleeping on my feet, the squirrels were chasing each other, and I just let the music flow over me.

What a wonderful journey. Unlike Letters From Far Away it is impossible to pick out favorite tracks. You can travel from Unfinished Conversation (track 1) to End Of Summer (track 12) and just float away with the music.

You can get you own copy of Moonlight In Empty Rooms by clicking on the Amazon link above.

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