Canadian singer Michelle Wright has a strong, true voice that is just as comfortable with a ballad as it is with a song with a little more spirit. Her new CD, “Everything And More”, is a nice mix of both, and listeners will enjoy every one of the 12 tracks and wish there were more. With this CD, Michelle comes back to her country roots, and many of the songs feature her on guitar as well as vocals. For the second song, “Dance In The Boat” the power of Wright’s guitar playing rides a strong southern rock beat, with a fiddle in the background.

The CD is a collection of new material that previously been released only in Canada, but is now available worldwide via the Internet. According to Brian Ferriman, President of Savannah Music, Inc, the company is not going sell the CDs through the usual brick and mortar retails stores. Rather, the CD will be available from Wright’s website store, all the usual digital download sites ( iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, and and

The songs deal with a number of topics from love lost or love found to appreciation of what we have in life. The title song, “Everything And More,” was co-written by Wright, Patricia Conroy, and Gerald O’Brien. According to a comment on her Web site the song was inspired by Michelle’s trips to Zambia and Honduras for World Vision Canada. After seeing people there struggle just to survive Michelle says, “I have come to appreciate on a much deeper level how fortunate I am and how I have all that I will ever need. Everything and more.”

Track seven “Love Me Anyway”, which was written by Sarah Majors is my favorite song on the CD. Musically it is soft and sweet with lyrics that ask if “If I waited too long * Put career and other dreams * Ahead of cradled arms * If we only have each other * To hold in our old age * If it’s not too late * Will you love me anyway?” This is a sad song about not being able to have children, but it is sung with such hope that the listener believes the answer will be “yes.”

The video for “Everything And More” was filmed in Toronto and was directed by Warren Sonoda for TwoThreeFive Films. The CD was produced by the Nashville production team of Russ Zavitson and Tony Haselden. Not only have Zavitson and Haselden been friends and music business partners for eighteen years, they also enjoy a special connection with Wright: Haselden wrote her breakthrough hit, “Take It Like A Man”, and Zavitson pitched that song to Wright.

“Everything And More
Michelle Wright

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