I have to admit that I have a penchant for German rock bands. They may not be the most innovative in the world, and maybe they have not changed in 20 years. But is that such a bad thing? I look at the mess that we call the US music industry and I shake my head. The US music industry has fragmented into two main camps (C)rap and Country. Don’t believe me? Just play with your radio dial. There is (C)rap and there is Country, the rest of the stations play 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music.

Michael Schenker plays good solid and sadly missed hard rock. These guys are the backbone of modern music. They are relatively unknown in the US but are legends in Europe.

In The Midst Of Beauty is a classic album, and so it should be, MSG has been around since the late 70’s. They put in a well practiced and competent set, all of the elements are in play, great guitar, great vocals, great drums, and a really tight together finish.

If you enjoy great classic hard rock, you will want this in your library. In The Midst Of Beauty is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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