It is with great sadness that I write this review. Plan 9’s front man Aaron Fuller,  died late on Monday night in San Francisco from a motorcycle accident. Apparently while traveling home on his motorbike  Fuller went off the side of an overpass and died on impact. The accident is still under investigation by the police, and of this time there is no clear of what the exact cause was.

Plan 9 is very much inspired by The Misfits, and in fact their early years were spent playing covers. Although they are classed as hardcore punk, I actually disagree, yes they are raunchy and angry, but in my view far from the hardcore label they have been stuck with. While the material is very dark vocally, the music is surprisingly contagious.  Plan 9 has been in existence since 1997, originally formed as a one off deal to play Misfits covers, they have moved along musically. Throwing away ‘My blanky’ they have very much carved out their own position in the music world.

If you are a Misfits fan, you will definitely want this one. Plan 9 sounds more like the Misfits that the Misfits! Although Manmade Monster is mainly original material, they do squeeze in a couple of covers.

You can get your copy here.

And as a side note, we here at Blogger News wish to send our sympathies to Aaron Fuller’s family. A sad waste of an up and coming artist.

Simon Barrett

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